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Hacienda Nosavar invites you to make a boat trip by Guacalillo, a unique destination in Costa Rica, just from San Jose time or a Jaco area time. Set on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Guacalillo Estuary and the Tárcoles River offer the opportunity to observe one of the largest populations of American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) in America, as well as discovering the area of ​​mangroves with a high percentage of biodiversity among which there is a large number of aquatic birds and one of the most important conservation areas of the guacamaya roja in the country.

Our other buttons with up to 25 people will take a step. The extensive mangrove ecosystem is made up of four impressive species of mangroves, all of which represent an important breeding ground for the birds that inhabit it, so that they are often a refuge and area of ​​nutrients for many parts. Invertebrates also mangroves are extremely important for marina productivity.

As the boat approaches the river banks surrounding the river, other passengers will have the opportunity to see the crocodiles around 5 meters wide in their salvage habitat. The crocodiles are communing in the mangroves and coastal coasts, but in recent decades the hunters have severely neglected their population, today, thanks to conservation programs, the latest inventory of the River Tárcoles in the area of ​​the Biological Reserve It will result in 50 to 150 individuals per kilometer.

In addition to the area of ​​mangroves and river you can find a settlement of more than 250 different birds such as the fisherman martin (Alcedo atthis), pink spatulas (basil ajaja), basiliscus sp. Garza (Ardea sinerea), anhingas (anhinga anhinga), blue garza (Egretta caerulea) and more. The Rio Tárcoles are one of the most important feeding places for resident and migratory birds and an important breeding ground for the appearance and refuge of mammals and reptiles. Our trip includes: boat ride, fruit and water. Beer, fresh cocteles are available. Do not forget that the Treasury is solo Our peace, tranquility and harmony with nature, provides the opportunity to take the daily stress and enjoy a full day of family tranquility.

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