The original canopy tour 26 years of experience in the market as the pioneers of this activity.

The original concept of canopy tour tarcoles, is a creation of Canadian adventurer Darren Hreniuk and brought to Costa Rica by his business partner Rick Graham, who moved to Costa Rica in 1992. The idea was to devise a unique way for tourists to access the unexplored world of the high border, previously inaccessible, except for very few professionals.

This would generate tourism funds to help save the forests.

The name suggests that we are the first and, therefore, the oldest canopy tour operator in the world and we continue to make changes in materials and techniques as fast as scientific discoveries and more precise applications are discovered and require parameters of conservation.

Each new location that the Original Canopy Tour Tarcoles builds has to incorporate conservation efforts and use people and products from local areas.

Our goal is to help educate everyone about the importance of maintaining forests for future generations. The original Tárcoles canopy tour was founded in 2012.

We are location: Garabito in the district of Tarcóles Puntarenas.